Jul, 2021
Jul, 2021
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Welcome to Suryodaya Cottages !


Welcome to Suryodaya Cottages !


The 5-star Cottage


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Suryodaya Nature Retreat is a homestay nestled in the Western Ghats. It is an attempt to get closer to nature in a world full of artificiality. It was started with an aim to promote the rural way of life and showcase its beauty to the world. We, at Suryodaya, believe that in the hustle and bustle of the urban life, people forget the beauty of nature and the importance of being in touch with our roots. The property is a step in the direction of maintaining a balanced life in contact with both the Urban and the Rural.

Room, Suites

Lustay offers 40 rooms and suites, each presenting luxurious and unrivalled comfort.


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Suryodaya Cottages offers you a wide range of services and facilities to make your trip memorable.

How to reach Suryodaya

We are here !
Suryodaya is nestled in the Western Ghats and the only way to reach it is by road. There are two main routes one can use to reach the property.
Use the National Highway 48 and State Highway 2 from Bangalore to Yellapur via Haveri. Further, take the Yellapur-Karwar Road (NH 52). On the Yellapur Karwar Road, take a left on the Yana road. Travel 12 kms on the Yana Road to reach the property.( link to route map from Bangalore).
You can also use the NH 75 and NH 48 to Makanur from Bangalore. From Makanur take the State Highway 76 to Sirsi. Then take the Sirsi-Gokarna road via Yana and Vibhuti Waterfalls. ( link to route map from Bangalore).
An alternative route would be to reach Shivamogga from Bangalore. Further, travel from Shivamogga to Honnavar. From Honnavar take NH 66 towards Gokarna. At the Gokarna Cross, take the right from Gokarna Cross to Hillur-Achave Road. (

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